How to Book General Tickets

We all know that most of people in our country use to travel by Indian Railways for their job. We all need to wait for our tickets in standing line so to solve this line problem Indian railways have made it easy and convenient for the passengers. So you just need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to play store of your Smartphone and Type UTS and then download it. After this open the app.
  2. Download UTS apa
  3. Now go to register section and fill the required details which are being asked to you.
  4. Now go to login and enter your phone number and password
  5. Login into Indian Railways
  6. Then after login you will see the interface like this now click on book tickets.
  7. Select book tickets
  8. Click on normal booking and click on book and travel.
  9. Select Normal Booking In Indian Railways
  10. Here most important thing comes that is if you are near any railway station then it will automatically detect your nearest railway station and now enter your destination station.
  11. Select your destination and source station
  12. Now select the type of your train , no of persons and select your payment method.
  13. Here select your ticket type and class
  14. Click on book ticket.
  15. Railway payment options
  16. Now first of all it will detect your GPS and if you’re in the range of 1-1.5 Km than only it will proceed further otherwise not.
  17. If it detects you within its range so you will be redirected to the next page and complete your payment.
  18. After successful completion of your payment you will see your ticket on your phone screen and you can also check through the dashboard of your app click on booked tickets history it will show you your ticket. Thanks for reading my blog. If you have any questions please comment below and your problem will be solved

If you have any problem then you can watch this video

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