The following points will help you to buy a good and best phone according to your use:


1. If you use phone only for calls, messages and WhatsApp then you should buy the Smart phone which have battery life between 2500-3000 mAH. This range of battery 🔋life smartphone will be good for you.

2.If you are using your Smartphone for multitasking means that you do every single work of daily life on your so you should buy the phone whose battery life is between 3500-5000 mAH these phone will be a good option for you. But nowadays most of the phones comes with 3500 mAh battery life which become normal for every company budget smartphones.


1. If you only taking the selfie for normal use means that you take selfie normally and not taking selfie daily then you should buy the phones whose camera is between 8-13 mega pixels back camera and 8 mega pixels front camera will be a good option for you.

2. If you take selfies daily and you are a selfie lover and also for professional photographers then you should buy the Smart phone which have camera in between 16-48 mega pixels between 16-48 mega pixels back camera phones and front 16-48 mega pixels Will be a good option for you. Nowadays every budget smartphones comes with the 24 mega pixels. But now some smartphone come with 64 mega pixel camera


Every person have brain like this Smartphone also have brain and that brain is Its Processor.Everything which you do on your Smartphone basically depends upon the Processor and it’s processing power.

Smartphone processor

So we should always buy a smartphone with good Processor. But for buying a good p processor phone we need to pay high amount of money but we should always buy the smartphone according to hours used if we are using it for continuously 8 to 12 hours then we should buy a very good processor phone otherwise at cheaper processor will be good for us. Now let’s us understand that what is processor? for starters they also go by the terms Soc (system on chip) and chipset. The processor is mainly resstarters they also go by the terms Soc (system on chip) and chipset. The processor is mainly responsible for the performance of a smartphone and the experience of anything which you perform on your Smartphone like a starting your phone opening a browser playing a game playing music and many more everything done on the basis of processor and processor only. The best processor work smoothly and if you have a good processor then your smartphone will be getting latest updates and also you will not face any kind of problem.

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